Pet Circle’s “Spread the Word for Pets” campaign advances public concern for animals in the most cost-efficient manner possible – email, word of mouth and Parties4Pets events.


 Help Save Animals
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Pet Quiz


1) After being admitted to a shelter, many pets are
    killed within the first

        [A] Week

        [B] Month

        [C] Year


2) Grapes, raisins, chocolate, and sugar free chewing gum

        [A] are human treats

        [B] can poison dogs

        [C] both A and B are correct


3) Due to pet overpopulation, millions of pets are killed
    each year by

        [A] automobiles

        [B] starvation

        [C] shelters


4) In seven years, one female cat and her unaltered offspring
    can produce

        [A] 3,700 kittens
        [B] 37,000 kittens
        [C] 370,000 kittens


5) Spaying female pets

       [A] is the healthy and responsible thing to do

       [B] helps prevent breast tumors

       [C] helps prevent pet overpopulation


6) What percent of shelter pets are pure bred pedigrees?

       [A] None

       [B] 2%

       [C] 25%


7) Most of the pets that act live on Broadway are
       [A] purchased from puppy mills
       [B] trained from birth

       [C] rescued from shelters


8) Purchasing a puppy in a store

       [A] guarantees a healthy pet

       [B] supports the pet factory industry best know as
             puppy mills

       [C] often times forces the parents of that puppy to live
             their entire lives in deplorable conditions with no love
             or little hope of being rescued


9) Many local rescue organizations

       [A] work tirelessly to save unwanted pets from kill shelters

       [B] have little or no financial aid from anyone outside
             their group

       [C] desperately need our support and additional funding


10) I can be part of the solution to pet abuse and neglect by
       [A] forwarding the Spread the word for Pets Quiz to my
             friends and family

       [B] hosting a Parties4Pets Get-together

       [C] joining the Pet Circle and earning points for the
             Pet Hero Pin created by London Jewelers


Help Spread the Word

   for Pets...

Many of our friends and their friends are unaware

of ways to help protect our best friends.

This grassroots movement is a pass it forward campaign
that raises awareness and funds for animal causes.