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   Pet Quiz Answers...

1) After being admitted to a shelter, many pets are
    killed within the first

        [A] Week


2) Grapes, raisins, chocolate, and sugar free chewing gum

       Both A and B are correct
[A] are human treats

        [B] can poison dogs


3) Due to pet overpopulation, millions of pets are killed
    each year by

        [C] shelters
              Think twice before surrendering your pet to a shelter,
              try to find a home for your pet with someone you
              know and trust to take care of it. Locate a rescue
              organization or at least a no-kill shelter if you find it
              necessary to abandon your pet.


4) In seven years, one female cat and her unaltered offspring
    can produce
C] 370,000 kittens
In six years, one female dog and her unaltered
              offspring can produce 67,000 puppies.
(Animal Rescue Directory)


5) Spaying female pets

       A, B and C are correct

       [A] is the healthy and responsible thing to do

       [B] helps prevent breast tumors

       [C] helps prevent pet overpopulation

             Breast cancers are malignant or cancerous in about
             50% of dogs and 90% of cats.
             Neutering your male pet companion prevents testicular
             cancer and some prostate problems.


6) What percent of shelter pets are pure bred pedigrees?

       [A] 25%


7) Most of the pets that act live on Broadway are

       [C] rescued from shelters


8) Purchasing a puppy in a store
       A, B and C are correct
       [A] guarantees a healthy pet

       [B] supports the pet factory industry best known as
             puppy mills

       [C] often times forces the parents of that puppy to
             live their entire lives in deplorable conditions
             with little hope of being rescued


9) Many local rescue organizations

       Both B and C are correct

       [B] have little or no financial aid from anyone outside
             their group

       [C] desperately need our support and additional


10) I can be part of the solution to pet abuse and neglect by

      A, B and C are correct
       [A] forwarding the Spread the word for Pets Quiz to
             my friends and family

       [B] hosting a Parties4Pets get-together

       [C] joining the Pet Circle and earning points for the
             Pet Hero Pin created by London Jewelers


Together, we can make a difference