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Be a Pet Hero! Earn Points to Get Rewards.

By joining Pet Circle and our “Spread the Word for Pets” grassroots movement, you will earn points for the prestigious Pet Hero Pin created by London Jewelers












Here’s how to earn points...

1,000 Points for Hosting a Parties4Pets Get-together.

   500 Points for each partner you inspire to join the Pet Circle.

   250 Points for each individual that you convince to host a Parties4Pets event.

   250 Points for being the first to host a Parties4Pets event in your State.

   100 Points for being the first to host a Parties4Pets event in your Zip code.

   100 Points for each person you inspire to join Pet Circle.
                     (Email Responders Count!)

    50 Points for each organization you inspire to join the Pet Circle.

    50 Points for each pet you foster.

    35 Points for becoming a Pet Circle Member.

    20 Points for each hour you volunteer for an animal welfare charity.

      1 Point for each dollar you raise or donate.


Earn points by assisting animal welfare organizations:

  1. When an organization credits you for becoming a Pet Circle Member or Partner.
  2. For each dollar you raise.
  3. Volunteering your time to a Member Organization or Partner.
  4. Agreeing to foster a pet from Member Organizations or Partners.


When you attain 5,000 points with any combination of the above points, we’ll send you the prestigious Pet Hero pin created by London Jewelers.


Don’t stop now!

The person securing the largest number of points will be invited to attend the Pet Hero Awards Ceremony and be presented with the Parties4Pets Grand Trophy.



Founder of Pet Circle,
Jewel Morris
with Nicky