Almost Everyone Loves Parties and Pets,
so "Let's Team Up, Have Some Fun,and
Help Animal Causes


Pet Circle is an Animal Welfare Alliance of organizations, corporations and individuals that promote awareness for pet causes and help support animal charities.

You are invited to join Pet Circle. We encourage everyone
to "Spread the Word for Pets!" with friends by email
or hosting a Get-together for adults. Our belief is that
when people realize how many pets are suffering,
we’ll combine our wits and resources to help.

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Let's Party!


Many of our friends and their friends are unaware of ways they can help protect our pets and save animals.

These Parties4Pets and email forwarding campaigns are creating a growing grassroots movement raising awareness and funds for animal causes.


Organizations Need
Our Help!


Local and National organizations need our help.  You select the cause or charity that you want to  benefit most from the funds you raise. Check out  Donations and Rewards and start earning points for the prestigious Pet Hero Pin created by London Jewelers.





 Local and National Animal Welfare Organizations


Local organizations work tirelessly to rescue unwanted pets from kill shelters often with little or no financial aid from anyone outside their group. Sadly the funds raised via national television advertisements don't often trickle down to local communities. National organizations are necessary and put pressure on government, animal exploitation cases, puppy mill cruelty, animal exploitation and profit motivated businesses. They are vital in the prevention of wide spread animal abuse and neglect.



Founder of Pet Circle,

Jewel Morris

with Nicky